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Let's do [insert latest trendy idea.] 

Yes, we CAN do that, but is that the best approach with the future in mind? 

Execution is the easy part.  Making sure your strategies will achieve your goals and set you up for the future is a road not often traveled.

Catherine Riedel, founder of NLE, influences business leaders and executives who seek more than instincts to affirm and execute a business strategy. Informed by experience counseling 7Wire Ventures, Abbott, Allscripts, Boeing, Dover, Edelman,, and Livongo Health, Catherine ensures that goals are relevant and strategies will achieve success. She will guide you to see outside of the company and beyond the industry into the trends that are current, applicable and lasting. From there she can help you identify a value proposition, as well as messaging and an execution plan.


Proudly subject-matter agnostic, but we draw from experience in the industries below to deliver meaningful value:



Technology & Aerospace 

Financial Services/Consulting 


Translating science, technology and processes into relevant messaging for audiences

Developing and curating content for digital, experiential and physical platforms

Assessing teams and supporting successful outcomes 

Project management


Media relations 

Change management

Strategy development



[Your latest trendy idea] can be achieved.  But should it?  Maybe, but let's take a step back . . . 

NLE serves as objective but informed influencer who makes sure the objectives are met and all possibilities are explored.   

Offerings include: 

Communications strategy 

Content curation (all platforms)

Crisis preparation and support

Due diligence on potential partners

Executive coaching 

Media training


News or trend analysis

Non-financial assessments 

Project management

Strategy assessment 

Value propositions




Developed relevant value proposition and branding for Dover Business Services (DBS), a new independent operating unit of Dover Corporation (an $8B global manufacturing conglomerate) which manages IT, Finance and Payroll functions for Dover's 27 major operating companies around the world. Challenged by low awareness of the benefits of shared services, DBS needed to raise the profile of its value to its customers—executives and leaders of Dover’s mid-market manufacturing companies. Catherine led the president of DBS, his leadership team and key project managers to create a relevant value proposition and visual branding to engage its audiences and establish partnership as these functions were assumed and supported by DBS. 

The new branding launched in December 2017 and was featured in the January 2018 ribbon-cutting for regional headquarters in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.

Business Alignment & CSR


Aligned business objectives and education initiatives on a purely digital forum to promote Boeing’s 100th anniversary.  To celebrate its contribution to STEM initiatives and encourage children to become interested in engineering, Catherine helped to shape a unique online campaign to showcase premiere partnerships with PBS, Teaching Channel and Curiosity Machine. Working with internal communications and citizenship leaders, Catherine led due diligence to find the right digital partners, contributed to a targeted strategy, developed key messages, identified opportunities for synergies with other Boeing units, and drove for media results. She also supported and ignited thinking that stretched the usual ideas of “awareness.” 

The campaign met and exceeded all internal and external goals.

Traditional & New Media

News Hurricane


Consistently develops media messaging, influences and delivers major national placements in every setting, proactively, reactively and during crises in any setting. 

Some of Catherine’s results include: 

 a CNBC interview with Maria Bartiromo for the CEO of Allscripts; an exclusive Wall Street Journal piece on the launch of Livongo; a regular Forbes column for the CEO of Allscripts; coverage of Ignite Glass on all local Chicago network affiliates; an exclusive in Chicago Tribune for 7Wire Ventures about its investment in Zest Health; Wall Street Journal coverage of Abbott’s promising early-stage cancer compound on the first day of the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting; a op-ed featuring Boeing’s 100 Days of Learning campaign; a USA Today exclusive on Olympic athletes for the American Psychological Association and an AP radio interview featuring David Hyde Pierce about Alzheimer’s prior to his address to Congress, among other trade, local and online placements for these clients. 

Digital Platform Development

Orchestrated the due diligence and development of a new online platform to showcase Boeing's shared value.   To support better internal and external understanding of the totality of effort to improve business, employees and communities, Catherine led a team that integrated goals, values and content into an online platform that could be easily read, shared and updated for key audiences.    

External due diligence was done to benchmark competitors and CSR leaders and to identify future trends in digital reporting.  Internal research  included understanding functional and executive goals, business milestones, employee engagement efforts and traditional CSR-type activity. 

The Global Engagement Summary, now in its third year, has been lauded by internal leaders and external investors and advocates. 

Payroll Change Management

Dover Business Services and ADP GlobalView

  Aggregated new payroll standards and executed communications related to migrating 20,000 U.S. employees to ADP GlobalView for Dover Corporation and its 27 operating companies. Dover operating companies were utilizing different systems and cadence to pay employees. As part of the transformation to shared services for all of Dover’s operating companies into Dover Business Services (DBS), ADP GlobalView was chosen to standardize all aspects of payroll. Items that would be standardized included time clock technology, frequency (moved to bi-weekly in arrears), pay day (moved to Thursdays), requiring direct deposit, approvals and processes to enter employee information into the new system. Working with DBS’ global payroll project leader and controller, Catherine analyzed a year of guidance from an executive oversight committee and developed the DBS Payroll Standards—a set of 16 rules that would be identical for every Dover company. These were then used to pinpoint and implement specific changes at each of the 27 operating companies. Communications were then deployed for readiness and enhanced compliance. 

The Standards, launched in June 2017, are updated as new rules are defined. More than 5,000 employees were paid with ADP GlobalView in the U.S. in January 2018. The remainder of U.S. employees (approximately 15,000) will go live in July 2018. 

Promoting Health & Medicines


Translates science and technology into relevant content for key stakeholders for Abbott, Allscripts, Livongo, Peoplesoft, the Endocrine Society, American Psychological Association and Alzheimer's Association. 

All health information and advancement starts as a hypothesis. Catherine has built a career on her expertise in understanding what science and innovation means for human health. Catherine has led strategies that include choosing to promote the Phase 3 science that launched Fosomax (alendronate) from a scientific abstract, explaining the value of Meridia in certain populations, outlining the impact of policy on patients with dementia to lawmakers and media, recognizing the impact of breakthrough science on anxiety, making the business case for the efficiency of interconnected electronic health records and the promotion of a scientific team's work in early-stage oncology compounds to investors and media. 

Since 1995, Catherine has gained diverse experience in health and healthcare through work at the Endocrine Society, American Psychological Association, Edelman, Abbott, Allscripts, Livongo and Zest Health.


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